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He was in their midst, observing among the lampstands. It was built on a mountain, and the acropolis dominated the whole region of the broad plain of the Caicus. It is especially the province of the book of Revelation to open that invisible realm to us. One should not suppose that Ribadeneira only targeted the Jesuits in his writings. I have a picture of that pillar which is hidden away under the trees.

Pioneer in Tibet

Conquests of Memory: Franciscan Chronicles of the East Asian Church in the Early Modern Period

That is highly significant. It seems very likely therefore that in those invisible realms, which are very real but which we cannot see, there are angels assigned to each church to help the leaders and the congregation to know what is on the heart of its Lord. The devil will put some of them in prison. One of the great revelations of the Scripture is that the reason we love others is because we have first been loved ourselves. Ribadeneira recounted the voyages of several whose expeditions to Macau or elsewhere in Asia were blown off course towards Chinese shores.

The Seven Churches of Asia Minor, Part I

For example, the Discalced convents in Malacca and Macau were founded by friars from Manila. Frei Marcos de Lisboa was able to examine archives of various Franciscan houses in Spain and Portugal, sifting through medieval documents in order to craft his narrative. But he doesn't come close to being the "King of fierce countenance" of Daniel 8: Remember that at the giving of the Great Commission he said to his disciples, "All power in heaven and on earth has been given unto me," Matt Each congregation sought to defend its corporate honor by shaping memory through history writing, arguing for precedence in a field crowded with competitors. There are apparently a few Christians there today, as I have suggested, but they are undercover because they would be severely persecuted. My friend, we ought to be proud that we are Americans, but we also need to bow our heads in shame.
There was a great market there, and strangers came from everywhere to trade. Whereas the Bishops of Japan were chosen from among the Jesuits during the period from until the effective end of the early modern mission church in with the final cessation of Portuguese commerce with Japan , the Bishops of China came from other orders. Revelation was written in about 95 AD and not before 70 AD. Down from that great promontory was the greatest hospital of the ancient world. They professed to be the beneficiaries of intimate revelations that were not given to others, and that they therefore had an inside track with God. That is one reason why the exposition of Scripture is resisted in many churches. The people took the clay from those hills, put it with a spikenard, and made it into a salve for the eyes and ears.

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