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For James, language leaves a material residue behind it, and he retains a phallic naivety in that wonderment. And the object for play - presence or absence, fearful constriction and disbelieving definition - is unconsciously phallic. Certainly demystification of the poetic "successes" and psychological "insights" of explicit reactionaries like James is necessary if we're to demolish high culture without fooling ourselves. I also like that madwhitejamaican tune - and would love to support it by downloading, but I really don't want to install iTunes on my computer. I like to hear someone ask for protection. Charlotte becomes a guilty Eve corrupted by the Prince's snakey phallus.

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The tension language needs to hold on to the external world, to keep it in shape, can be translated into analysis of other systems - militarism for instance: Take, for example, this anticipation of the manual cunt sign of the feminists: It resembles the fetishist's eroticization of small, significant acts because it makes large social issues hinge on a a symbol - in this case, the bracket. You need to find out what size panties you wear. It is this reaction that underlies the Joker's sexist violence, not Hitchcockian montage which, like any successful mode of representation, merely supplies the vocabulary. This explains why modernism so often upsets the well-intentioned choices of liberal humanism: Passion was on the bus?!

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Once I zip it, turn the collar up and cram my hands into the pockets, the jacket is my armour" Give the engine a seed word and it will find a huge list of related words. He was such a drag on my life as a guy. OTL, Somers Town, vi The basic programme is in Freud, but in the realm of psychoanalysis the necessity for some sense of decency in holding down academic posts has meant that the best, most degrading insights have been turned to reactionary pessimism about man's nature, or praise for Joyce the Genius.
I also like that madwhitejamaican tune - and would love to support it by downloading, but I really don't want to install iTunes on my computer. Although, unlike the Victorians, we can now mention such things, it's at the cost of a certain seriousness antique props appear to guarantee, however predictable and dull. The atmosphere is so dry and hard that electricity crackles in the air; the small fat foot protrudes phallically; her "stilted heels" pun together the stilts of the clown, the boots caressed by the catatonic fetishist and the elongation of the penis and nipple in arousal. The Jamesian trick, on the other hand, won't declare allegiance to either camp. Ras James, please try and find out why the train is gone from Jamaica.

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